Anwer was born in Karachi, Pakistan, A MD and MBA. He is an internationally recognized leader in managing , training individuals, institutions in clinical trial management, working as a consultant for various behavioral institutions helping them  from setting up to running daily operations.  Involved in international ventures like reverse medical tourism, student exchange, and Physician, teacher exchange programs. Trying to promote International investments in Toledo to create opportunities for locals. He is a Former VP of Toledo sister Cities International, A Rotarian and has been serving on various International organization boards, as trustee. VP of the board of Trustee of Global Education campaign, GCE promotes education in developing countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan. Advisory Board member of DOSTI Foundation that provides education and manages school in Northern part of Pakistan also help with provision of clean water, women and child healthcare.

Member of Board of Trustee Ross College.

He has been involved in International grants that involves provision of education in Pakistan, also involved in collection of funds to provide clean drinking water and building of NICU in Thar Pakistan He has been involved in organization to promote peace and stability, he is a General Secretary of South Asia Peace Foundation that promotes and facilitates friendship and cooperation between people from different Asian countries. He has been awarded a recognition award from Government Of Hyderabad for playing a key role in making Hyderabad a sister city with Toledo.