Representing the Toledo Arab-American Community, Genevieve has been a trustee of TSCI since 1999.  Her passion for its mission led her to serve as Vice-President, Treasurer and chairing numerous committees. She is affiliated with Lourdes University, Directions Credit Union and several other organizations.  A post World War II immigrant from Zahleh, Lebanon, Genevieve grew up in a bilingual family which gave her insight into the challenges of language and cultural barriers that are prevalent in an adopted country. Her sensitivity to these differences and its impact, especially on young people led her to many avenues of social activism.  Through volunteer organizations, Genevieve participated in presentations to school children, universities and businesses in NW Ohio.  Sharing her personal experience of discrimination and cultural bias at these events led to a dialogue of awareness and understanding.

             Genevieve was selected to join US Government sponsored delegations to Lebanon in 2003 and 2004. She assisted in the mission to promote Non-Governmental organizations which broke barriers, leading to mutual goals and respect between peoples.  Retired from City of Toledo Administration, Genevieve continues to promote understanding between all peoples whatever the creed or color!