Qinhuangdao is known as the Glass City of China and is a major port about a two-hour train ride from Beijing. As one of the most beautiful and pleasant Chinese cities near the Pacific Ocean, Qinhuangdao is also a popular vacation destination. Michael Cicak of Glasstech, Inc., worked closely with Mayor Donna Owens in 1985 to establish this sister city relationship. Since then, many Chinese and American community leaders, including Dr. Yueh-Ting Lee, Dr. Guangzhong Chen, and Ms. Hewen Slak, have developed and supported joint initiatives that encompass education and cultural exchanges, business and economic development, and medical and health collaboration.





This constructive cooperation has led to the development of a partnership agreement between Yanshan University and the University of Toledo. The Toledo Hospital has also developed a partnership with Qinhuangdao’s First People’s Hospital. In September 2010, a delegation from Toledo led by Mayor Michael Bell met in Beijing with a delegation from Qinhuangdao, and the China Committee of Toledo Sister Cities International was established to further support this relationship. 





Committee members:
Guangzhong Chen, Chair
Wenting Chen, secretary
Dr. Yueh-Ting Lee
Jing Deng Meyer
Glen Wang

Contact person:
Dr. Yueh-Ting Lee


Distance from Toledo: 6,611 mi

Population: 817,487 

Currency: Renminbi

Benefit:  Scholarship from The University of Toledo


Every year, four or five delegations from the Qinhuangdao come to visit Toledo. Qinhuangdao also sends Chinese students to the International Youth Academy. Many college students from Qinhuangdao also come to study in Toledo and college students from Toledo visit Qinhuangdao each year.

China Committee


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