Szeged, in Csongrad County, is located on the Great Plain in southern Hungary. The Szeged-Toledo sister city relationship was established under the leadership Rev. Martin Hernady of St. Stephen’s Church and Ann Galloway, then vice-president of Sister Cities International. The sister city agreement was signed in October 1990. Founding members included Ann Galloway and Judy Balogh. State Representative Peter Ujvagi was also been instrumental in strengthening the relationship, having led trade delegations to Szeged and welcomed Hungarian leaders in Toledo. Additionally, a relationship was established between Lucas County and Csongrad County, Hungry, in 1996.



The Toledo-Szeged Committee supports educational exchanges on both secondary and university levels in collaboration with the Toledo-Lucas County and the Szeged-Csongrad County Friendship Association in Szeged. The committee has hosted many political leaders, professors, students, and musicians. In 2011, the Toledo-Szeged Committee welcomed Mayor Laszlo Botka of Szeged to Toledo. 

Distance from Toledo: 4,766 miles

Population: 162,010

Currency: Hungarian Forint

Benefit:  Scholarship from The University of Toledo


We are dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Hungarian heritage through interchange of people, programs, and ideas. Ongoing programs include a Christmas gift project (that provides gifts to orphans and underprivileged families) and participation in the Birmingham Festival. Cultural programming such as concerts, galas, craft demonstrations, and lectures by visiting dignitaries are also offered. Since 1999, the dual relationships with Szeged and Csongrad County have received additional support from the Great Lakes Consortium for International Training and Development.