As an extension of the educational component of TSCI’s mission, The Toledo-Delmenhorst Committee began a series of presentations on October 20, 2011 at Oak Shade Grove in Oregon, OH.  Marking the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War, David Kohler gave a presentation on German Troops in the Civil War.  Mr. Kohler included family narrative, as well as other historical documentation on the subject.  Attendees were encouraged to pose questions and discuss the topic further during a social hour following the presentation.This was the first in a series of planned presentations.  Some of the future topics will include The History of German Businesses in the Toledo Area and a presentation on Delmenhorst, Germany.


Our previous presentations include Germans in the Civil War, a history of local German businesses, a history and slide show of Delmenhorst and reactions of students from Bowsher High School and from the max Planck Gymnasium in Delmenhorst to their school exchange. We are please that our presentations have been so well-received and invite you to continue your support. Or if you have not yet attended, please come. Light refreshments are also served. For further information, please contact Rogene Kohler at or 734-856-2913.

Distance To Toledo: 4,078 miles

Population: 74,751

Currency: Euro

Benefit:  Scholarship from The University of Toledo

International Youth Academy 

Students are invited to participate in the 2016 International Youth Academy, a special cultural program for high school-school-aged youth from around the world.  Students can improve their conversational English while having fun, developing new understanding of teens from many different cultures and gain lifetime friendships. To learn more about the program please click IYA 20

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